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We maintain a philosophy that designing involves the concept of blending art and architecture, this combination forms an underlay for necessary plants and other soft materials.

Great design must blend nature's gifts with a deep understanding of man's needs, creating a satisfying sense of harmony and cultivating it over time. This is the 'art' of landscape architectural design and one of the driving principal concepts we establish with our clientele.

Letting Loose

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Sometimes I have loads of fun just coming up with ideas for shows that involve garden design.

You can create some really special designs knowing that there is no foundation work as all the elements of your design are built on a concrete floor.

The idea of building such garden designs has always allowed me to let loose.

My Builds

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You really need to walk the walk or is it, talk the talk?

I have always enjoyed building what I have designed on paper. No doubt, there is pleaure in buidling what you've designed. Anyway - have a look at some of my build projects!

30+ Years And Still Lovin' It

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I have been doing residential landscape garden design, commercial design and contacting, including estimating for a very long time.

I still enjoy seeing my designs come to life from paper to install. The reward is always the same. Happy customers.

One of the best landscape designers in the business!
Molly Spencer

Why Lein Design?

We are really cool people!
We think you're really cool too!
We think you should be able discuss your landscape design services in a professional environment.

Free from judgment.
Just like when you buy coffee or tea.

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We are a professional landscape design company, committed to provinding you with the best custom design service.

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