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  • Plant Catalogue App

    Our new plant encyclopaedia for garden designers and plant enthusiasts! Designed by a respected Landscape Architect for garden designers like you.

    Navigate plant selection the way designers want to find plants, by color, by sizes etc.

    Quick reference guide with loads of retina images for review.

    Details of each plant include:

    • Plant Overview & Plant Characteristics
    • Plants Stats - Height / Width / Plant Zone / Sun Requirements
    • Design Specifics
    • Design Advantage
    • Companion Plants
    • Other Related Varieties
    • Photo Collage of Plant in garden design applications for reference
    • Custom Database so you can document your favourites
  • My Garden App

    This app contains an empty database. You design the collection from your own garden plants!

    Ever wanted to create a list of existing garden plants you have in your garden?

    Ever wanted to create a detailed list, including growing conditions, flower, pruning, personal notes etc. of existing garden plants you have in your garden?

    Ever wanted to search out your plants based on their name, their location or their category?

    Ever wanted to purchase new plants but could't remember if you already have that particular variety while visiting a garden centre?

    Ever wanted to create a wish list after visiting a nursery, public garden or friends house?

    Now you can! Our app is designed and styled by us (yes, we are gardeners too) - based on our own personal need - the need to track our own plants in our garden.

  • Lap Counter App

    This is a great simple app for those of you that do not have access to wifi while running. Use this app for those times you find yourself running laps on an inside track with no GPS signal. All that concrete and metal will cause your iPhone to stop tracking your run.

    This app allows you to track your laps. We use it all the time, as the indoor track we belong to, will not allow our standard running app to work inside (to much metal and concrete).

    The app will calculate the number of laps required to meet your goal. You simply input the length of the lap (track, course, pool, etc.) and how far you'd like to go that day. The app takes care of the rest.

    You can also input your goal manually.

  • Oma's Food App

    Welcome to a new cookbook designed for those of you that want to prepare a great hardy meal and are not afraid to use butter and fat!

    For some of you, these are meals you remember as a child, long before we had to watch our waist and worry about calorie counting. If this is the first time trying this type of food, well are you in for a treat.

    Sometimes there is nothing better than good, old-fashioned comfort food. Like the comfort food Oma (Grandma) used to make. These are the foods included here in Oma's Cooking... meals that taste as good as they look and in the end will fill you up and of course, make you happy and content...

  • Baby Touch App

    This is a fun children's app developed with the help of our 4 year old granddaughter and now our 2 year old grandson! We've been developing this app since she was only 2 years old.

    We know children between 2 and 10 will love this app. It's easy for the younger children as we have a cute baby that follows the younger children around the screen teaching them where to touch to go forward and return to the previous screen. Older children can turn this feature on or off at any time.

    Children love to simply click a picture and listen to a sound associated with the picture.

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